Safety is the Target at TRPC!

  • TRPC strives to provide a safe, family friendly environment for their members, guests and participants in TRPC's club sponsored events and competitions.
  • The officers and members at TRPC take this responsibility very seriously and ask that everyone that uses the facility is familiar with all the safety rules which are posted on and at the range.
  • Any violation of these rules by members or their guests may result in the loss of the member's range privileges.

Non-Member Policy:

TRPC Matches and Youth Program
events are all OPEN to non-members
who have signed a Liability Waiver.
Just download a waiver from the website,
sign it and come to TRPC and shoot.
Liability Waivers are also available
at the Kiosk when entering the range.

Shooters under 18 years old must be accompanied
by a parent or legal guardian or have a
set of notorized Youth Program forms on file
with the Youth Program Director.

Youth Program forms can also be downloaded
from the TRPC website.

All guests and/or non-members not attending a scheduled match or youth program event must be accompanied by a member in order to enter the TRPC range. While at the facility they must be supervised by a member. Non-members not participating in a club sponsored competition, and who have not signed a TRPC Waiver of Liability, who enter without a supervising member are trespassing and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



General Range & Club Rules:


Click here to download a copy of the General Range & Club Rules.  

Range Safety Rules


Click here to download a copy of the Range Safety Rules.