NRA Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup)

4th Saturday of each month at 9 am
Location: Ranges A1, A2 and B
Coordinator: Mike DeGuire   (850) 694-6930

The NRA Bianchi cup has been around for over 30 years and is a perfect blend of accuracy and speed. Because of the requirements for barricades and a moving target, not many facilities can host a match. TRPC may be the only facility in Florida to host this event. There are plenty of references on the internet that can show the competitors shooting the match. Just bear in mind you're normally looking at the national winners.

Match Description:> (Download as pdf)

There are four courses of fire: The Practical, Barricade, Mover, and Plates. With the exception of one case in the Practical, all shooting is done freestyle. That is, a two handed grip. All competitors start with a holstered gun, wrists above respective shoulders. Competitors may go prone for the 25 and 50 yard practical and for the 15, 20 and 25 yard plates. The cardboard target used is the 18 by 30 inch AP-1:

7.6 Practical Event: This event has 4 stages. Each stage is 3 strings and 12 shots per stage. 48 shots:

7.7 Barricade Event: All competitors may use the barricade for support. No portion of the firearm may rest against the Barricade for Open Modified, Metallic or Production Firearms Divisions. . This event is four stages, two strings per stage, 6 shots per string, 48 shots; all shots will be fired from behind a barricade:

7.8 Moving Target Event: Competitors must fire all stages in the standing position. This event will be divided into four stages of 12 shots each, target will travel 60 feet in six seconds. 48 shots:

7.9 Falling Plate Event: Competitors must fire the 10-yard line segment in the standing position. Competitors may fire the 15, 20 and 25-yard line segments in the prone position at their option. This event is four stages; each stage will have two strings, 6 shot per string. 48 shots; targets will be 8-inch round metal plates:

What you’ll need:

Eye and ear protection. Any centerfire pistol. The maximum number of rounds fired at any time is six, so revolvers are competitive pistols. Holster to draw from. Multiple magazines or revolver speed loaders. This is to speed the match along. 48 rounds of ammunition for each course of fire. All four courses require 192 rounds. No armor piercing or magnum ammunition is allowed to protect the falling plates.