Cowboy Action (SASS)

Cowboy Action at TRPC

Carl Davis
(850) 567-5694

Date/Time: 3rd Saturday 9:00am (Check-in at 8:30am)

Volunteers are always needed for setup and teardown.

Location: Range A1

Cowboys & Cowgirls (19+ years old): $10.00 ($9.30 + $0.70 FL Sales Tax)
Juniors & Buckaroos (18 years or younger) Free with registered adult*)

For those who have pre-registered payment can be turned in at the scoring table to verify the accuracy of the Score Sheet information. All others can register on-site as needed.

All non-TRPC members must present a signed NON MEMBER RELEASE OF LIABILITY upon entering TRPC property. The waivers may be downloaded here. All participants under 18 years of age must have a signed and notarized CONSENT FOR POSSESSION OF A FIREARM BY A JUVENILE form which can also be downloaded here.

This match adheres to the SASS Rulebook.
Membership in SASS or TRPC is not required to participate.
No handling or dry-firing of any firearm unless on the firing line under the supervision of an Range Officer.
All decisions of the Range Officer or the Match Director shall be final.
Vertical gun carts only. Range racks available for those without a vertical gun cart.
This is a six-stage match reduced to four stages during the hot summer months. (June through August).
It is recommended that you brang along your own snacks and drinks.
Be SAFE = Have fun!

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