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A few Golden Chickens

Golden Chickens, Golden Pigs...

Match Director Andy Randall has been making these prestigious awards from chicken silhouette targets which have broken in the line of duty. Epoxied back together and painted gold, they make a great trophy.

How do you win one? First you have to come to matches since we never know when one of these will be awarded. Then you win a shootoff. Shootoff? Andy makes the targets and he makes the rules. They are not always the same but it's not typical silhouette shooting and the best marksman is not necessarily the winner.

February, 2015: Mark Butsch borrowed Match Chairman Andy Randall's scoped Ruger MKII pistol and triumphed over some hot competition to score a chicken. Mark modestly says "That pistol knows how to shoot."

Golden Chicken Winner Mark Butsch

The first winner since we started collecting pictures was Patrick Butsch after the October, 2014 rifle match. Patrick beat out 3 other competitors. Each shooter had 5 chicken targets and there was a single final target. Shooting his Primary Weapons Systems .22, Patrick was the first to knock down all 5 of his chickens and then the final target. Congratulations, Patrick!

Patrick Butsch with his Golden Chicken award
  A Golden Chicken

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