High Power Rifle

George Klisiewecz
Email: highpower@trpc.net

High Power Rifle is on the Third Saturday of each month except July and August, Set-up at 8:30am. Shooting starts at 9:00am.
In July and August, Sporting Rifle replaces High Power Rifle.

Ranges E and F

Members: $11.00 ($10.23 + $0.77 FL Sales Tax)
Non-members: $11.00 ($10.23 + $0.77 FL Sales Tax)

Entries will be accepted up to 8:45am. prior to firing. Entries will be limited to 28 competitors.

NRA Classification will be used.

Service Rifle (M1 Garand, M-14/M1A, M-16/AR-15) or NRA Match Rifle. (Any rife. .35 caliber or less capable of loading 5 rounds.

SR, SR#, SR63 (600 yard target reduced to 300 yards.)

Competitors are to supply their own safe ammunition. (Any questions the determination of the Match Chairmen will be final.)

Competitors will be required to score.

Empty Chamber Indicators
NRA Rule 3.21, the empty chamber indicator will be used to indicate the chamber is clear. If needed empty chamber indicators will be available from the Match Sponsor for $1.00 ($0.93 + $0.07 FL Sales Tax).
Course of Fire:
80 shot Regional Match Course with Sighters.

200 yard Slow Fire Offhand - 2 sighters and 20 shots for the record in 22 minutes. SR Target.

200 yard Rapid Fire Sitting - 2 slow fire sighters in 2 minutes, 2-10 round rapid fire strings with a magazine change in 60 seconds per string. SR Target.

300 yard Rapid Fire Prone - 2 slow fire sighters, 2-10 rapid fire strings with a magazine change in 70 seconds per string. SR3 Target.

300 yard Slow Fire Prone - 2 sighters and 20 rounds for the record in 22 minutes. MR63 Target.

What you’ll need:

No rewards will be issued.