Rimfire Silhouette

Rimfire Silhouette

Coordinator: Andy Randall   (850) 320-0524

1st Saturday of each month.

Rifle Match: Setup and signup starts at 8:30. Warmup can start when setup is done and the first match will start at 9:30. There will normally be 2 matches.

Pistol Match:Setup and signup starts after Rifles around 11. Warmup can start when setup is done and the first match will start at 12. There will normally be 2 matches.

Location: Range C

Cost:  Members: $5.00 ($4.65 + $0.35 FL Sales Tax)   Non-members: $5.00 ($4.65 + $0.35 FL Sales Tax)

Info: silhouettes@trpc.net
Match Description:

There are 4 different metal animal Silhouettes, 10 of each animal, for a total of 40 targets in a match. Each set of animal silhouettes is shot at a different distance. The Chickens are at 40 yards, Pigs at 50 yards, Turkeys at 75 yards and Rams at 100 yards. We shoot rifle and pistol targets at the same distances. The pistol targets are larger than the rifle targets, and all the targets we have comply with NRA specifications for size.

All shots are off-hand, from a standing position, without a sling or a bench to brace against for support. You may brace your forward arm against your body while shooting a rifle but this is not allowed with a pistol. "Offhand" includes using 2 hands with a pistol. We loosely follow the NRA rules for smallbore hunter silhouette competitions.

Shooters approach their station at the firing line with unloaded firearms and place their firearm, ammo and other equipment on the table. Removeable magazines may be pre-loaded with 5 rounds. When, the command “Ready” is given, shooters have 15 seconds (rifle) or 30 seconds (pistol) to check their scope, load, and aim at the first target in their first “bank,” or set of 5 targets, i.e. 5 chickens, etc. When the command “fire” is given you have 2 1/2 minutes (rifle) or 2 minutes (pistol) to fire 1 shot at each of the 5 targets. The first shot is at the left-most target, the second is at the next target in line to the right and so on. The command “cease fire” ends the shooting time. This is repeated for the second bank of the same silhouette. After the line is made safe, the targets are set back up, the shooters rotate to the next target animal and the sequence starts over again until all 40 animal silhouette targets have been shot at. For every target you shoot completely off the stand, you get a point. If the target is still on the stand, you get no point for it.

Rimfire Silhouette is a challenging sport but these are really fun low-key matches to shoot. It’s simple and easy to get into and not very expensive to shoot when you start out. Come out and join us for some fun.

Awards: Class winners get a coupon for a discount on a future match. Pins are awarded for hitting all 5 of one or both banks of an animal. A 5- or 10-in-a-row pin helps establish your bragging rights. Golden Critters: Our targets lead a tough life and sometimes we break one. Match Director Andy uses epoxy and gold paint to turn them into highly coveted trophies. Usually unannounced, we occasionally have a short shootoff for a golden critter award after the rifle matches. The format varies but everyone has a chance. More here.

What you’ll need: