Steel Challenge Match

Huey Salter
(850) 590-7161

Second Saturday of each month, 9:00am

Ranges E and F

Members: 1st gun $10.00 ($9.30 + $0.70 FL Sales Tax)
2nd gun $5.00 ($4.65 + FL Sales Tax)

1st gun $10.00 ($9.30 + $0.70 FL Sales Tax)
2nd gun $5.00 ($4.65 + FL Sales Tax)

Please have exact change.

The Steel Challenge Match uses pistols to engage a series of steel targets. The course of fire is straightforward and easy. The fun comes when you try to do it as quickly as possible.

There is no running or speed reloading, and drawing is optional.

Course of fire: Four (4) stages, with five (5) targets in each stage. Each stage is shot five (5) times. Score = Time + Penalty Points of the four (4) best runs. Bring a minimum of 140 rounds. If possible, bring five (5) magazines.

Semi-automatic pistols shooting .22 long rifle, 9mm, 40 S&W, .38 Super, or .45 ACP/GAP with iron sights or optics are permitted.

Hot loads and Magnums are PROHIBITED.

Eye and ear protection required.

The match is for intermediate and higher skill levels. Participants should understand the fundamentals of sight alignment, grip and trigger pull. The match is not recommended for shooters who have not mastered basic shooting skills.

Steel matches are a safe and fun way to improve your pistol skills.

Come out and have some fun.

What you’ll need:
• Eye and Ear Protection
• Semi-automatic pistol
• 3 to 5 magazines
• Approx 140 rounds of ammunition