Sources for Hurricane Information

(The information on this page was prepared in October, 2018 when Hurricane Michael was approaching. It has not been updated since then and some of the links might not be valid. Also, we were on Daylight Savings Time then and 4 hours earlier than GMT. Eastern Standard Time is 5 hours earlier than GMT.)

If you want to make your own decisions about the weather without relying on the doomsday predictions on TV, here are some sources. Some times are shown in UTC or Zulu, which are the same as Geenwich Mean Time. We are 4 hours earlier than UTC, Z or GMT. 0800 UTC = 4am in Tallahassee. 1500Z = 3 pm in GMT = 11am here. If wind speed is in knots, add about 15% for mph.

I think all these pages update themselves as information changes, but if you're not sure, refresh the page or go higher in the site and get the newer link, if there is one.

This information is intended to be helpful. Use your own common sense and form your own opinions as to whether you want to rely on these sources or any of the many others available. Opinions expressed here are the Webmaster's.